The City of Baltic's City Council is comprised of:
            Mayor               Elected at large                          4 Year Term
            4 Aldermen       2 Elected from Ward 1               4 Year Term
                                     2 Elected from Ward 2               4 Year Term

The Mayor and 1 Seat from each Ward are on a rotation while the other two Ward’s seats are on another rotation.  This ensures any change does not occur all in the same year.

To run for an open seat on the City Council (ex: Ward 1 Alderman), one needs to be a registered voter in Ward 1. To run for Mayor, one needs to be a registered voter in either Ward 1 or Ward 2.

When there is a vacancy or open seat, the City will give notice both in the Dells City Journal (Legal Newspaper) and on the City's website at www.baltic.govoffice.com.

Anyone wishing to run for a seat on the Council needs to circulate a petition, which are available from the City Finance Officer or the Secretary of State website at https://sdsos.gov/elections-voting/nominating-petitions/download-nominating-petition.aspx. Petitions may be circulated starting the last Friday in January of the election year and must be turned in to the City Finance Officer by 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday in February. 

Should more than 1 petition be turned in for the same seat, an election will be held on the 2nd Tuesday in April or, alternately on the 2nd Tuesday in June. City Council and School Board elections may be combined. If only 1 petition is turned in for an open seat, no election will be held and the submitting candidate will be considered the winner. If no petitions are turned in for an open seat, the City Council will appoint a resident from the respective Ward to hold the seat until the next election.

For more information please contact City Hall at 605-529-5497

For information on mail in absentee voting please CLICK HERE