The City of Baltic has undergone a series of changes and events that have caused some irregularities to our utility billing cycle.  We want to thank you for your patience and kindness during that transitional time.  The City is now also offering email billing and direct payment via ACH.  This will eliminate the 10 day processing time that was offered through a third party service and was the cause of some citizens incurring a late fee while waiting for the transaction to arrive to the City.  The success of email billing relies greatly on having the correct email address on file and saving the senders to your contacts or to your safe senders list.  This directs your ebill to your inbox instead of spam or junk folders.

Fee for online payments:
Credit/Debit Card - 3.5%
ACH/Checking Account - $1.75 for payments up to $150.00
$2.25 for payments over $150.00

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